Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Old Woodhead Drive play area

As reported in a blogpost from our neighbours in West Chesterton the old play area on Woodhead Drive, just across Downhams Lane from Gladeside and Alice Bell Close is due to be removed shortly. Councillor's have been sent an email by officers with an update about the park.
A project is about to be drawn-up to install a new play area at Woodhead Drive by the Summer of 2011 to replace the existing one which admittedly is not a fine example of the city’s play facilities at present. The council has taken the view that pouring money into a temporary solution would not be prudent when a completely new play area is imminent. Further, the opening of George Nuttall Close play area last year, a few 100 metres up the road has meant that any play area provision in the area has not been severely lessened. At present this play area has been fenced off with chestnut pale as the site is not deemed fit for purpose. Instead I would like to propose that we bring forward the decommissioning of the play area which would have a two-fold benefit of removing the unsightliness and the necessity for a more costly hired heras fence to stop unwanted intrusions.

Whilst we had hoped this play area would be refurbished last year (as accidentally stated in the email!) it is good news that the park is in fact on the agenda to be refurbished this summer. If you have any thoughts on this please do let the team know, and watch this space for further updates.

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