Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Council’s Multi Million Pound Investment To Protect Services

A multi-million pound investment in Cambridge to secure and improve services for years to come has been unveiled by the Liberal Democrats as part of the Cambridge City Council’s budget.

They have set aside £3.4 million to carry out crucial work at the city’s Park Street car park. A study in the new year will look at how the council can be smarter in the way it uses the car park while still retaining much needed spaces for shops and businesses.

Work refurbishing the city’s Lion Yard toilets is included in the budget at a cost of £300,000. The toilets will be retained on ground floor and money will be spent bringing them up to a high standard with the facilities that people want. A working party will oversee the work.

Cambridge’s crematorium and cemetery buildings will be refurbished at a cost of £240,000.

This will also include renovation of the chapels and waiting rooms at the Huntingdon Road Crematorium and the waiting room and reception area at the Newmarket Road Cemetery. The work will follow the major £2 million project to upgrade the technical side of the crematorium, enabling greater energy efficiency and the most recent environmental standards, which is currently nearing completion.

Neil McGovern, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Customer Services and Resources said: "It is vital that in these difficult times the council continues to invest in its assets and does not let them deteriorate. This investment now will help keep services running for years to come."

Also the council plans to recruit a new Head of Property Services to manage its £100 million commercial property portfolio.

Cllr McGovern added: "Our commercial property brings in about £8 million a year in extra income. This is the same as council tax receipts, so it is vital that we use our assets to keep tax low and protect services"

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