Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Friends of Arbury Library AGM

The Friends of Arbury Library will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 29th February, 7.00pm (in exactly two weeks time). It is due to be held at the Arbury Community Centre on the corner of Campkin and Arbury Roads.

The aim of the meeting will be to discuss what the future may hold for Arbury Court Library and it's open to everyone, not just existing Friends members.

Local County Councillor Andy Pellew said "Arbury Library is absolutely key to our local community and while the threat of imminent closure has passed the Conservative-controlled County Council is still making cuts to budgets across the board and as it's shown, with it's savage approach to Bus Subsidies, that if not enough people are using a service the local community will lose it. I'd urge everyone with an interest in the local library to come to the Friends AGM - these groups really do make all the difference."

You can find more about your local Friends group on their website;

It costs nothing to join the Friends of Arbury Library and in turn you will be kept informed about local events.

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