Friday, 28 January 2011

North Area Committee results...

Last night at North Area Committee a few issues that affect the ward were discussed.

Firstly we had many Friends of Arbury Court Library along, and I'd like to promote the meeting they are holding at 7pm on February 2nd. This meeting is to formalise the group and come up with ideas to support it, and the other libraries threatened by the Conservative County Council. They are also staging a "read-in" at the library on Saturday February 5.

The report back from County Councillors suggests that Milton Road library is under bigger threat, but the local Liberal Democrats are campaigning to save all of Cambridge's libraries.

We also had some community grants to groups in King's Hedges. I managed to get the committee to agree to go against officers and give a grant to the Meadows Children and Family Wing, who do a lot of work with families in Arbury and King's Hedges. This is subject to checks that it isn't a "double" claim, but seperate project work. There were also grants to King's Hedges Brownies and the King's Hedges Family Support Group.

There is still some money in the pots, so if you know of a community group that could do with some help get in touch.

We also had the police priorities and I discussed issues of ASB with Sgt Wragg. He has agreed to meet me to see what can be done about some specific local problems.

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