Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Good news about pavement near Kirkwood Road

As many who live in the King's Hedges Road area are aware, there has been a new warehouse development going on in Kirkwood Road.

Yesterday, a local resident asked me about the pavement, which is currently interrupted by kerbs from the old access onto King's Hedges Road.

I've just visited the site and spoken with the site manager. He has assured me that it is going to be turned into a consistent pathway, with the kerbs removed, and the area to the side dug up, and re-seeded on new topsoil.

He's said to me that if any residents have any questions, then they're welcome to visit him and he'll give them a 5 minute run through of what's happening... and even a tour around the units in a hard hat, if you want.

As someone who's daughter lives in the area, he's keen to ensure that it's left as a pleasant environment for us all.

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